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About is the leading nonprofit provider of carbon offset and climate solutions organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. has over 450,000 supporters and 1,200 business and organizational partners. Please visit to learn more.

Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions they are responsible for in their everyday lives by supporting third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.

Working with, which has the first carbon neutral product label in the U.S., EcoAlkalines™ batteries are certified carbon neutral after a detailed product life-cycle assessment of carbon emissions, and offsetting the emissions that could not be avoided in the manufacturing or transport process.

Our Product Certificate for 2017-2018
Our Product Certificate for 2017

About Carbon Offset Credits

EcoAlkalines™ submits an annual application and Product Life Assessment (PLA) and pays an annual membership renewal fee to qualify its Carbon Neutral certification. Offsets are calculated on a per purchase basis and EcoAlkalines™ submits a quarterly contribution that aids in greenhouse gas reduction projects supported by

Download the Carbon Footprint Protocol from to find out the requirements needed for EcoAlkalines™ to achieve its Carbonfree™ certification.