Eco Alkalines The Eco Alkaline Difference
Eco Alkalines - Every purchase is carbon neutral

The Eco Alkalines Difference

Eco Alkalines™ batteries strive to be an environmentally conscious disposable alkaline battery alternative to national leading brands, supplying consumers with the standard sizes of the common alkaline battery (AA/LR6, AAA/LR03, C/LR14, D/LR20, and 9V/6LR61 in various quantities) that aim to reduce environmental climate change impact.

Why Buy or Sell Eco Alkalines™ Batteries?

  • Eco-responsible batteries that support corporate green initiatives
  • Digital quality power
  • Patented leak-resistant seal
  • Certified carbon neutral by in cooperation with NSF Sustainability
  • Consumers' desire for eco-responsible products
  • Unique product offering

Eco Alkalines™ Batteries are considered eco-responsible because:

  • They are certified Carbon Neutral. Every purchase contributes to's carbon offset projects.
  • They contain no trace amounts of Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.
  • They are safe to dispose in household waste (does not contain any toxic substances listed in Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999), Schedule 1).
  • They use recyclable packaging, with batteries and packaging up to 98% recyclable dependent upon recycling programmes available in your country of purchase.
  • Digital Quality Power

    Eco Alkalines™ Batteries are digital quality batteries. With the increasing power demands of everyday household devices, digital quality batteries are a necessary and popular choice for consumers. Digital devices such as digital cameras, wireless computer mice and wireless toys function best with digital alkaline batteries.

    Camera Clock Flashlight Remote Toys
    Mouse and keyboard Audio player Gaming controller Smoke alarm FRS radio