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Sir Graham Henry for EcoAlkalines™ BatteriesHigh performance is key for me, whether it’s on the rugby field or from something as simple as the batteries I use every day. I’ve made the move to EcoAlkalines™ batteries and am happy to say they tick all the boxes – high performance, long lasting, competitively priced and most importantly they’re environmentally responsible. It was an easy decision.

Sir Graham Henry (Rugby legend - New Zealand)

Geoff Thomas for EcoAlkalines™ BatteriesWe use a lot of batteries when we are filming ‘Rheem Outdoors with Geoff’. As we are often out in ‘the back of beyond’ we have to carry a lot of batteries. Our microphones and sound equipment chew through double AA’s like a kingfish swallowing a live bait, and running out of batteries at the critical moment has been the bane of my life.

I have been using the EcoAlkalines™ batteries all year and I love them. Not only are we being eco-friendly, which is pretty important when your living relies on the outdoor environment, but they last. These green batteries last as long, if not longer, than all the others I have tried – and I’ve used them all over the years. They work brilliantly. And they last.

Geoff Thomas (Fishing expert & TV personality - New Zealand)