Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am traveling to [this country] and would like to know if this travel adapter or converter will work or is required?
There are a few factors in choosing the correct travel adapter (outlet plug) or converter when traveling to other countries, including voltage, Hertz, plug configuration, etc. Please check with your travel agent or hotel/resort where you will be staying to find out the exact power/voltage specifications or requirements. To start you off, you can download our helpful guide with a list of countries to see which type of outlet and voltage rating are in use.
How do I set the pictures to random/shuffle on my Proline Digital Picture Frame (PLDPF8BK, PLDPF10BK, PLDPF12BR, PLDPF15BR)?
Unfortunately, there is no setting to have the images shuffle randomly for these picture frames. The photos will play sequentially, starting at the fist file.
The transition modes (fade to black , swipe, etc.) can be set to random in the Settings screen.
How do I play music with the slideshow on my Proline 8" Digital Picture Frame (PLDPF10BK)?
Go to the main menu and navigate to "Setup." Scroll down to "Power On Mode" and press Enter. Scroll down to "Photo And Music" and press Enter to select. Press the Power button twice to turn the display off and then on again and then the music should start playing with the photo slideshow.
My images look pixelated, blocky, or 8-bit on my Digital Picture Frame (PLDPF8BK)
Some images may be saved with a "Pregressive download" feature (usually for Web purposes) and may be causing the problem. Images downloaded from social media sites or photo-sharing sites could be affected. A simple fix is to open your problem image in Paint (or similar graphics editing software), choose File > Save As..., and overwrite the existing file. You can then copy this image back to your SD Card or USB flash drive to view on your picture frame again.
I've lost the card to open my PTATMBNK Purtek ATM Bank
You can use any similar sized card to open your ATM bank, such as your bank or credit card, library card, or even a piece of card or bristol board cut to size (3 5/16" x 2 1/8" or 8.4 x 5.4 cm).
I can't get the audio to work when I connect the TXDOCK docking station to my television.
Although you may be using a DVI to HDMI cable to connect your docking station to your TV, the audio will not transfer from your laptop/PC to your television. You will need to connect a separate stereo audio cable (not included) from either your laptop/PC or docking station to your television if such a port is available on your television as an input. Please see the Product Manuals section to download the television setup guide and the audio settings guide.
The interface on the PLDPF15BR digital picture frame remains on the display throughout the slideshow. How do I remove the interface (BACK, NEXT, ZOOM, etc)?
Press the "i" button on the remote to make it disappear.
I am having trouble using the Auto On Time function on my PLDPF15BR digital picture frame. How can I get my DPF to turn on at a specific time?
You will need to update the firmware on your picture to the latest software version. Please download the firmware upgrade here and follow these instructions to update your DPF. You will then be able to follow the directions in the manual as normal to set the Auto ON and OFF times.

Instructions for PLDPF15BR Firmware Update
  1. Download the firmware update from our website: .
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the file named “upgrade.img” on to a SD card or USB drive.
  3. Power OFF the unit.
  4. Insert the SD card/USB drive into the digital picture frame (DPF).
  5. Power ON the unit.
  6. The DPF will detect the software then auto-run the update program.
  7. You will see “Update checking” then “Upgrade Processing” on the display. This will take around 2-5 minutes.
  8. After flashing the firmware (updating), reboot the DPF by turning the power OFF.
  9. Remove the SD card or USB drive.
  10. Power ON again to run the updated software.
If you intend to use the SD Card or USB Drive again in the Digital Picture Frame, be sure to remove the firmware update file from the disk, or it will attempt to update your firmware each time you use it.
I'm having trouble playing videos on my digital picture frame (PLDPF8BK, PLDPF10BK, PLDPF12BR, or PLDPF15BR).
For video playback on the Telemax picture frames, please save your files with the following specifications:
  • Format: AVI or MP4
  • Codec: DivX, Xvid, or MPEG4
  • Common Resolutions (UPDATED July 27, 2013):
    • 720 x 540 pixels or smaller for 4:3 aspect ratio (standard)
    • 720 x 480 pixels or smaller for 3:2 aspect ratio (widescreen)
    • 720 x 405 pixels or smaller for 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen/letterbox)
    • 640 x 480 pixels for 4:3 aspect ratio (standard)
    • 640 x 360 pixels for 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen/letterbox)
  • Maximum file size: 2 GB
If you don't already have video conversion software installed on your computer, you may be able to find some free software for download or video conversion services available online.
I can't copy more than 200 MB of photos (approximately) to my digital picture frame (PLDPF10BK, PLDPF12BR, or PLDPF15BR).
Create a folder in the root directory of the digital picture frame and then copy your photos to this folder (for example, "Photos" or "Images"). Photos placed in the root directory can still be viewed with the digital picture frame, but there is a limitation to the number of files and/or total file size because of the file system used in the digital picture frame software.
  • You may need to erase the contents of the root directory if you want to avoid duplicates when placing your photos in the newly created folder.
  • This applies to when you have your digital picture frame connected to your computer ("USB Host"). Files on your SD card or USB drive should not be affected by this limitation.
I cannot reconnect my Bluetooth device to my PLJOGBK headset
If, after successful initial pairing, your Jogger headset does not automatically pair to your device after shutting down, it may need to be reset. To reset your Jogger Headset to factory default, please follow these instructions:
  1. Turn Jogger (PLJOGBK) on in standby mode (turned on and blue light flashing every 10 seconds).
  2. Press and hold the “Next” button for 8 seconds until the indicator flashes blue and red.
  3. Then press and hold the “Multi-Function” button for 4 seconds. You will hear a beep, and the Jogger will shut down.
  4. The Jogger has now been reset to the factory default and when powered on will pair automatically.
I tried to install the webcam onto my Windows 98 system and it keeps asking me to insert the Windows 98se CD.
Unfortunately, you will need to insert the Win98se cd to complete the installation.

Why is the image from my webcam blurry?
The blurriness can be related to the lighting in the room. Also there is a focus ring around the lens, which can be turned to focus the image. Turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise until the image is clear.
During the installation process, I am getting an error code 10.
The camera is most likely plugged into a USB 1.1 port. Webcams require a USB 2.0 connection. Try plugging the camera directly into the USB port in the back of the computer.

Nothing happens when I insert the installation CD.
Click on My Computer, right-click your cd-rom and then select auto-play from the submenu. The CD should load and the installation menu should come up.
Why is the microphone on my WC15 webcam not working?
The Microphone should work as soon as the camera is plugged into the computer. You can go into the Control Panel, click on Sounds and Audio Devices and check to make sure that Mute isn't checked off in the microphone settings. Also, under the Audio tab, make sure that PC Camera is selected as your default sound recording device. If it still doesn't work, it may be a problem with the software you are using and you should contact the software vendor for further assistance.
When trying to install the WC10 from the disk we get a message that says, "the file on PC Cam installation disk cannot be found. Set up could not finish".
Please download the driver and reinstall the camera. The driver on the CD is missing this file.
I lost the CD that came with my webcam. Where can I download the driver?
All of our webcam drivers are available on our website. Click Here. Please download the appropriate driver for your camera.
Why wont my WC50 webcam work with my Windows XP system?
The WC50 was not designed for Windows XP. However, we did release a new driver that is compatible with most XP systems. Please download and install WC502.exe from our Drivers section.
Why does the light on my WC10 webcam turn "On" after booting up?
The camera isn't actually "On" at this time nor is it using up any of your system resources. It is normal for the light to turn on when the computer first boots up as well as when the webcam is in use. This is just the way it was designed.