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QR Codes

In 2011, LEI Electronics Inc. began printing QR Codes on some of its product packaging.

What is a QR Code?
A QR Code is similar to a barcode, in that it contains information that is embedded, and can be read by a variety of devices.

What makes a QR Code unique?
Unlike a traditional barcode, you don't need a special "laser scanner" to decode a QR Code—your smartphone has everything you need to scan a QR Code.

Why do your packages have QR Codes printed on them?
In today's connected world it becomes possible to do much more with product packaging through QR Codes. For example, by scanning a QR Code on one of our products, you may be presented with a video clip that shows how to use the product, or more information about the product. What you see when you scan the QR Code is different for every product, and we encourage you to pick it up, scan it, and check out how technology has revolutionized product packaging.

How do your QR Codes work?
When you scan a QR Code with your smartphone using free software (see below), our servers automatically stream the product's content to your device through your Internet service.

How do I scan your QR Codes with my smartphone?
All you need is an Internet connection and a small piece of software (or "app") called a "QR Code Reader" on your smartphone. Once installed, you simply load the app and point your device's camera at our QR Code just as if you were going to take a picture. Your device will respond by providing you with enhanced content and multimedia that is specific to the product you're looking at.

To obtain the necessary software, the first thing to try is to open your device's regular app installer software (iPhone App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, etc.) and do a quick search for "QR Code". Chances are, you'll find an assortment of free apps which you can install to scan our QR Codes. These apps can be used to scan any QR Codes, not just ours.

If you still can't find an app for your particular device, take a look at the list found at

Your smartphone service provider may charge you to use Internet service. In order to avoid this charge, use a wifi connection. LEI Electronics Inc. and its partners are in no way liable for your use of our QR Codes or any QR Code Reader software. This service is provided as a value-added service and is provided without warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk.