Vendor Direct Fulfilment (VDF)

Vendor Direct Fulfillment Program

LEI Vendor Direct Fulfilment Program

In this day and age it is difficult to get brand placement in the major retailers as buyers have no open shelf space for up and coming brands and have no additional open to buy dollars to experiment with new brands. Today’s market place can make risk tolerance very low. The quickest most cost effective way to get your brand recognized in a marketplace is through Web listings. The programs we offer to these retailers removes all risk and concerns away from the buyers – we stock, pick, pack, and ship the products direct to their customers. At the end of the day we all win – You get your brand placed with top retailers, The retailer offers new products and brands to their customers and we get to distribute and drive this business.

Web Fulfilment is an easy and economical solution for adding, line extensions providing incremental sales or full product categories ensuring your products are available to a much wider geographical range of customers without the need to increase warehousing space or hire additional employees.